Doing Social is creating the conditions for people from disadvantaged communities to create and co-create innovation for social change – and to make a decent living from it.


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Doing Social designs powerful experiences, resources and spaces to enable inclusive innovation, giving people from disadvantaged backgrounds access to opportunities they need to progress innovative and frugal ideas effectively, including chances to co-create with others, for better, stronger outcomes that leads to their improved lives.

Our aim is to help level the playing field for aspiring social innovators from underprivileged backgrounds, by creating better chances and opportunities to participate and thrive in the social innovation space so they can achieve their social change goals, make a decent living and improve their life chances.

We believe that collaboration, co-creation and innovation based on frugal, lean and clean principles are key to achieving sustainable social change in communities and improved life chances for innovators; therefore these ‘success factors’ as we see them, are central to our thinking, the opportunities that we create and our own business model.

We will pilot and test our products over the coming months and invite organisations who are interested in testing these new ideas within their own programmes, communities or spaces to get in touch with us.


Framework for Inclusive Innovation

How inclusive are your projects and programmes? We can help you to develop practice to improve access, reach and involvement of people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the co-creation of frugal ideas and innovation which tackles their unmet needs. We also plan to develop a capacity building toolkit.

Frugal Social Innovation Festival

These are open free festivals showcasing the very best frugal social innovation which has been created within communities and universities, to provide inspiration to aspiring innovators and offer spaces both to learn and to co-create frugal social innovation.


From Project J which develops and shares relatable stories to inspire action, to ICOLAB that provides a space for crowdsourcing ideas and for co-creation, through to an interactive game that takes you on frugal innovators journeys; we are creating the tools and resources that will inspire, enable and support frugal innovators to change their world.

Learning Experiences

We design empowering workshops, university courses, masterclasses and events targeted at disadvantaged communities and students, to develop their capacity to co-create frugal innovation that can improve quality of life.

Interested in piloting or sponsoring a project?


Resources and spaces to help you create and co-create for social change.


Share relatable stories to enable people from disadvantaged groups to progress their own ideas.


Help us identify hidden ingenuity & create inspiring stories of grassroots, bottom-up innovation.


Collaborate with us – pilot an inclusive frugal innovation approach within your organisation.


Sponsor a project, get involved and promote your brand.



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