Doing Social is helping to create the conditions for inclusive innovation in Britain, so that communities can access better opportunities to create and co-create innovations which can improve their lives.


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Doing Social designs courses, experiences, strategies and resources that support the development of inclusive innovation, so that people in communities, particularly from less-privileged backgrounds, can access opportunities to co-create innovation or progress their own ideas for social change.

In short, we want to help to level the playing field for innovation, so that communities, grassroots-based innovators and beneficiaries of social innovation (innovation for social good), can participate more meaningfully in shaping, delivering and leading the solutions to the problems they face.

We believe that meaningful inclusion, co-creation, and responsible innovation which focuses on impact and based on social justice principles, are key to achieving sustainable social change in communities and improving life chances, hence they are central to our thinking and to the opportunities we develop.

Most people and organisations we speak to, agree that social innovation is not inclusive. People from marginalised and less-privileged groups need better access to opportunities to design and participate meaningfully within social innovation processes.

Inclusive innovation can improve well-being, skills and capabilities to contribute to the economy. Meaningful inclusion can also improve the effectiveness and sustainability of innovations. There are significant social and economic advantages to inclusive innovation.

Doing Social promotes and develops good practice, strategies and tools for inclusive innovation. We work with innovators, organisations and place-based partnerships to stimulate and support inclusive innovation to improve outcomes and the impact of inclusive processes. If you are interested in any of our services, please get in touch.


Framework for Inclusive Innovation

How inclusive are your projects and programmes? We can help to develop strategies and practice which improves reach and inclusion of under-served communities in the co-creation of ideas and innovation which tackles their unmet needs.

Frugal Social Innovation Festival

These are open free festivals showcasing frugal innovations which have been created within communities and universities, to provide inspiration to aspiring innovators and offer spaces both to learn and to co-create frugal social innovation.


From Project J which develops and shares relatable stories to inspire action, to ICOLAB that provides a space for crowdsourcing ideas and for co-creation, through to an interactive game that takes you on community innovators’ journeys; we are creating the tools and resources that will inspire and enable local innovators to change the world.

Learning Experiences

We design social change learning events and lead processes to co-design FE and HE curriculum with civil society.

Interested in piloting or sponsoring a project?


Resources and spaces to help you create and co-create for social change.


Share relatable stories to inspire people at grassroots levels to progress their own ideas.


Help us identify hidden ingenuity & create inspiring stories of grassroots, bottom-up innovation.


Collaborate with us – pilot an inclusive innovation approach within your organisation.


Sponsor a project, get involved and promote your brand.