Our report for the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council: Inclusion in the Economy, Oldham

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In 2016/17, we partnered with the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council (CEC), a programme designed by the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), to give citizens a say on national economic policy, and influence over the future of the UK economy.

As part of that, Doing Social, worked with the Coppice Neighbourhood Centre in Oldham, to facilitate a discussion with a group of ethnic minority residents in Oldham, who shared their detailed experiences and views on the economy and how it could be improved. The majority of participants in this discussion were women from underprivileged backgrounds, who would rarely have a voice. 

This event was one of a series of workshops commissioned by the CEC and the findings from that event and our recommendations can be viewed in the report above.

We also participated in various meetings and discussions and shared our views and suggestions with the Council.

[update 04.2018] The CEC workshops that were held in 2016-17, helped to inform discussions of the Council during the spring and summer of 2017. In their final report Building a Public Culture of Economics, the RSA make several important recommendations for strengthening the democratic management of the economy, and urge for the need to rebuild public trust in our political and economic institutions.