Doing Social is helping to create the conditions for inclusive innovation to thrive, so that communities can access better opportunities to co-create innovations which can improve their lives and wellbeing.


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Doing Social develops and delivers courses, experiences and projects that support the development of inclusive innovation.

Inclusive innovation involves exploring needs and creating solutions with communities, rather than for them, through including them meaningfully within ‘innovation processes’ and learning how to share power and control.

Why do this? There are many benefits to society when inclusion is meaningful. These include (a) people are less likely to be marginalised or left behind by innovation; (b) it increases skills and capabilities in communities; (c) it strengthens communities and improves social capital and wellbeing; (d) it improves adoption, effectiveness and sustainability of innovations.

For inclusive innovation to thrive, we need an environment and ecosystem that promotes, supports and recognises the value of inclusive processes to society. What gets measured is valued, therefore it’s important to measure both the impact of inclusion of communities within innovation processes and of related developmental activities, to understand the difference that deeper  inclusion makes to people’s life chances and wellbeing.

We are passionate about social justice and improving the wellbeing and quality of life of people who are less privileged in society and believe that inclusive innovation is key to achieving sustainable social change. To help inclusive innovation to thrive, we do four things:

  1. We work with colleges and universities to co-design innovative curriculum and resources that increases knowledge and skills in inclusive innovation and inspires students and organisations to adopt inclusive approaches. An example of our work, is a degree in social change at Leeds Beckett University, that we have co-designed with civil society.
  2. We help projects and organisations to develop and implement meaningful inclusive innovation processes, capacity building programmes, and systems to track and measure the impact of inclusion and development, on life chances and wellbeing.
  3. We deliver workshops and events to improve knowledge and skills in inclusive innovation and in how to co-create meaningfully with communities.
  4. We run projects that promote and lead to inclusive innovation.

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Framework for Inclusive Innovation

Do you want to develop meaningful inclusive innovation processes? We can help you to develop capacity building and inclusive practice and systems which improve social impact through deeper inclusion of underserved communities.

Frugal Social Innovation Festival

These are open free festivals showcasing frugal innovations which have been created by local innovators, communities and students and which offer inspiring spaces both to learn and to co-create new frugal innovations.


We develop and promote existing tools, resources and projects that support meaningful inclusive innovation for improved life chances and wellbeing.

Learning Experiences

We co-design academic courses with communities and civil society and deliver learning events which develop knowledge and capabilities for co-creation, for developing inclusive innovations, and for achieving sustainable social change.

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